The Melashenko Family Singers

The Melashenko Family Singers have been blessing audiences around the world for more than 4 decades with their Christ-centered, gospel music.

If Joe & Anne Melashenko had known what would happen to the five little sons they raised on the wheat fields of Saskatchewan, Canada a half-century ago, they would not have believed it. The family had its beginnings on a simple, small farm that had one bedroom, no heat, no running water, and no plumbing. Yes, they grew up in "A Little House on the Prairies of Saskatchewan".

At a very early age, all five sons learned to sing in four-part harmony and have been singing ever since. They fell in love with the Jesus they sang about.

Fifty-some years later, they are all faithful Christian workers three pastors and two teachers and have continued to sing together, even though the miles separate them. Now, they are joined by their children.

Music has always been an important part of their lives. The Melashenko Family Singers are no strangers to many within the Christian community. Over the years, many have enjoyed the deep, rich, bass voice of Joe Melashenko, the patriarch of the family. You can meet each one of the family members if you click on the BIO tab of this web site.

The Melashenko Family enjoys a rich heritage of Music, Strong Family Values, and a fascinating Russian & Ukrainian cultural background.

Recently, the family traveled back to their roots in Saskatchewan, Canada, and relived some of the memories, captured on camera, that make this family so unique. Joe & Anne, their five sons, their wives and six grandchildren (Three Generations) will lift your hearts heavenward as they share their love for Jesus through song in their brand new musical two-part video release, "God's Leading Through the Generations". Viewers will enjoy more than 20 Traditional and Southern Gospel Arrangements performed "live and in concert".

Your souls will be encouraged as you listen to their testimonies, reaffirming the TIMELESS FAMILY VALUES that make all homes strong. "Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it!"


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