Managing for the Master Till He Comes (Easy Reading Bible Study Guide 1Q23)


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The Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide (Quarterly) links the entire world Church together in a global classroom. Written by a variety of authors, the study guide encourages personal time with God and His Word.

Easy Reading Sabbath School Study Guide


One of the things that holds the world Seventh-day Adventist Church together so tightly is the Sabbath School lesson.  Every Sabbath morning Adventists from Aukland to Austin and from Washington DC to Warsaw sit together and study the same material in their own language.  We are inspired and challenged, educated and encouraged.  Studying together, we grow closer.

But some of us struggle with the sophisticated phrasing and advanced vocabulary in the lessons.

There is an answer!  The Easy Reading Bible Study Guide contains exactly the same concepts as the regular lesson, but with careful attention paid to making them as easy to read as possible!  It’s perfect for people to whom English is not their first language, or people who don’t particularly like to read. 

Consider the following examples taken from the October 4, 2021 Sabbath School lessons:

  • Standard Quarterly - Despite some of the error that modern science tries to promulgate as truth (such as that our universe by itself arose from “absolutely nothing” or that all life on earth arose by chance from simple chemicals), science has nonetheless given us some astonishing insights into God’s creative power.
  • Easy Reading Quarterly - For sure modern science is wrong about many things.  (One example is evolution.  Evolution teaches that life on earth started because of slow changes in plants and animals over a very long time.  Modern science also teaches that life started without any help from God.)

If you love the Sabbath School lesson, but would love for it to be easier to understand, the Easy-Reading Bible Study Guide is exactly what you've been looking for!

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