The Good Lord Made Them All By Joe L. Wheeler

From Stinkey, the Skunk That Wouldn't Leave to Owney The Post Office Dog, you will find inspiring true stories of how animals have shown to humans the character of their creators.

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Sooty, the Green-Eyed Kitten

When Mr. Alden returned home from a trip to the distant trading post with a tiny, fat kitten in his saddlebag, the twins, Makepeace and Prudence, were astonished as well as delighted at the sight of the lively little creature.

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Stinky, the Skunk That Wouldn't Leave

This ninth book in The Good Lord Made Them All series is filled with stories both strange and wonderful. These stories will stay with the reader long after they have finished the book. Author Jo Wheeler says "putting this collection together was exciting because it was such a new and unorthodox theme for a story anthology."

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Tawny: The Magnificent Jaguar

Tawny, the Magnificent Jaguar is the eighth book in Joe Wheeler's The Good Lord Made Them All series. Filled with stories of jungle animals, this is a truly global compilation and is sure to become a family favorite.

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Togo The Sled Dog

In the seventh book of The Good Lord Made Them All  series, Joe L. Wheeler has collected stories from the Far North: Norway, Alaska, British Columbia, and the Arctic Circle to name a few. The animals featured include sled dogs, wolves, weasels, and eagles in a veritable Who's Who of the North.

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Amelia, The Flying Squirrel

From doodlebugs to dragonflys, Wheeler fans will be entertained by these intriguing stories about God’s tiniest creatures.

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Spot, The Dog That Broke The Rules

Amazing and unusual stories of courage and daring, generosity and forgiveness featuring ordinary animals who became extraordinary heroes.

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Dick, The Babysitting Bear

Fourth in the series The Good Lord Made Them All, Joe L. Wheeler provides one of the most powerful collections of wild animal stories. The cover story features Dick, an unusual black bear that loves to hold cats, pigs, and even human babies in a most motherly way.

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Wildfire, The Red Stallion

In this, the third book of The Good Lord Made Them All series, Joe L. Wheeler turns his talents and attention to horses. This inspiring collection of stories will evoke laughter, tears, and amazement.

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Smoky, The Ugliest Cat In The World

Badly burned in a fire, and rescued in the nick of time by a loving family who nursed her back to health, Smoky spent the rest of her life trying to be a normal cat.

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Owney, The Post Office Dog

Heartwarming stories about "man's best friend" from America's best storyteller

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