7th Element

Their slogan "It's all about the 7th Element" says it all. The six young men know they are special, but it's the Seventh member, the "unseen" One, that all the attention goes to.

At the group's inception, the members lived over 1,000 miles apart. Ordinarily, this would have been an impossible situation, but this is no ordinary group. The group has accepted a two-part mission. First, to bring a message of truth to the world through song. They accomplish this by creating universally appealing music with a unique and smooth inspirational sound. Second, to counterbalance negative influences with a clear positive one. They accomplish this by presenting a wholesome image of six united men, who are all urban professionals in fields ranging from computers, to journalism, to law and medicine.

7th Element has taken this witness to several cities across the United States, including Atlanta, Georgia, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Maryland, Raleigh and Fayetteville, North Carolina, Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles, California, and the Caribbean, inspiring the hearts of varied audiences, family, friends, and even those just passing by. Members of 7th Element have performed with or for superstars such as Freddie Jackson, Melba Moore, the Winans, Richard Smallwood, Della Reese, Albertina Walker, Allen & Allen, Andre Crouch, Sandra Crouch, and Shirley Ceasar, and have recorded with Grover Washington, Jr. and Ce Ce Winans. While you can hear the influence of revered groups such as The Four Freshman, Singers Unlimited, Take 6, and the original Breath of Life Quartet, 7th Element's music definitely boasts a fresh and unique perspective.

The success of 7th Element is an unmistakable witness of God's power and influence. On their own, this couldn't have happened, but it is certain that God's endorsement has been received. By His grace theirs is not a "mission impossible."

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