C. A. Murray

Clement A. Murray ("C.A.") entered college on a basketball scholarship. Later, he transferred to Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama where he received his Bachelor's degree. This was followed by a Masters in Pastoral Ministry from Andrews University, and two honorary doctorates in Divinity and Humane Letters.

Though at one time, C.A. was the only Adventist in his family, he baptized his mother, led his sister to the church, and baptized his father just one month before his death. His 26 years of ministry have all been spent in New York City. "Christianity in the city is hard," says C.A. "It can be stark, very basic, and primitive, but that is its beauty."

C.A. has a love for media--particularly television. He has written and produced a Christmas special for Fox Television and has worked with producer Spike Lee on the film Malcolm X, and with Dick Wolf on the Law and Order television program. In addition to his love for television, C.A. has a passion to bring an Adventist radio program to New York City. He is the producer/host of "The Family Circle" radio broadcast and was the co-producer/host of the radio talk show "This Moment in Time," from 1992-1998. Since 1993 C.A. has hosted the weekly 2-hour talk show for the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He has also produced a number of satellite broadcasts for the Adventist Communication Network (ACN).

C.A. has given outstanding service to his community and received numerous service awards from past NYC mayors Ed Koch and David Dinkins. He also received the Outstanding Service Citation from Harlem Hospital Pastoral Care Staff for three years.

An avid roller skater, C.A. worked with local radio stations to host Christian Skate Night weekly at area rinks for seven years. He taught skating and gave a Bible study each Monday that led hundreds to the Lord.

Speaking about his reasons for writing I Will Fear No Evil, C.A. states, "I wrote for and to those who have come, or will come to the realization that becoming a Christian does not guarantee a perfect, painless, trial-less life. I write to a church that sometimes prefers condemnation over reconciliation, and with a prayer that we will reexamine how we deal with our wounded. In this urbanized world where there is so much evil to fear, the city is filled with saints who fear no evil. Men and women who in the most trying of circumstance reveal what it means to really possess a living faith in Jesus."


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