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Cheri Peters is the founder and director of True Step Ministries, a ministry of restoration, education, and empowerment for at-risk teenagers. Cheri is in full-time ministry for troubled young people because she was one herself.

Between the ages of thirteen and twenty-three, Cheri lived on the streets. Sexually abused by her father, unloved and rejected by her mother, she carved out a rugged existence amid urban America's teeming homeless population. The story of how God found and rescued this diamond in the rough is told in Cheri's first book, Miracle From the Streets (Pacific Press, 1997).

"A few years ago, while sitting in church," says Cheri, "someone asked me if I would share my testimony on how I came to know God. I was hesitant. If they found out my true background, would they want me in their church? But the requests kept coming, so I shared with my congregation how I came to know our Savior. Since then, more requests have come in. I wondered, Why would anyone want to hear the lurid details of my past? Then I realized, it was not those awful experiences that people were focusing on, it was the testimony of the power of God to reach down and set free those whom Satan had chained. Praise God!"

God Is Crazy About You is Cheri's second book. She lives with her husband Brad and daughter Jackie in southwestern Idaho.

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