Christopher Dellen

"Being born on October 8, 1981 in Indianapolis, Indiana was hardly noteworthy even for me," says Christopher Dellen. Finding himself on a piano bench at the age of 2 + was different. "That was hardly my idea of ideal child development. Fortunately for me my parents realized the value of delayed gratification, and braved those first few years of piano lessons when my cooperation was considerably less than 100 %."

Christopher's parent's decision to choose home schooling for him instead of traditional schooling was to Christopher another example of his parent's "inspired vision."

"The flexibility of the schedule permitted me to travel to many historic places. I was also able to experience several Maranatha mission projects. Destinations included Russia, Italy, and Mexico."

Home schooling also enabled Christopher to devote more time to his music. When he was a senior in high school, he attended Indiana Academy in Cicero, Indiana, graduating with high honors in May, 2000. Presently, he's enrolled at Andrews University studying music performance and pre-dentistry.

Christopher's leisure time is usually filled with action sports. He has completed the ground school for flying and has passed the FAA exam. Christopher loves mountain biking, snow skiing, scuba diving, basketball and Ping-Pong.

Besides traveling, sacred and classical music and performing concerts are high on Christopher's list of passions. He has been honored to perform with the symphony Orchestras in Carmel, Indiana, at Southern University and Andrews University.

"As wonderful as these honors have been, my greatest satisfaction is realized when I'm able, either through music or personal contact, to share my love for my Friend, Jesus Christ."

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