Christy Yingling

Christy Yingling graduated from Southern Adventist University with a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in French. While at Southern, she played violin in the orchestra and was a leader in her local church. 

Christy was born in Fletcher, a small town in North Carolina where many of her family members still live. She has traveled extensively and met many wonderful people all over the world. One of her favorite overseas experiences was attending school in France and, at the end of the year, driving all over the country for a month with her family. (“We only got lost once or twice,” according to the driver . . . The most memorable part of the trip was driving into a medieval walled city—on a one-way road—and almost getting stuck in the city permanently because of an impossibly small hairpin turn in the road.) 

Christy enjoys spending time with retired people, including her grandmother Joyce and great-aunt Virginia. She is looking forward to her own retirement in thirty-one years and three months. In those rare spare moments, Christy enjoys chamber music, gourmet food, reading and writing.

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