Connie Vandemann-Jeffery

Connie Vandeman Jeffery, assistant manager for the Adventist Media Center, is the announcer for the Voice of Prophecy's weekend radio broadcasts and also sings at various VOP appointments. As announcer on VOP programs, Connie is featured each week in a dialogue with Lonnie Melashenko, director-speaker.

Before joining the Media Center staff in 1997 as a trust officer, Connie was a property manager for a Beverly Hills development corporation for 12 years. She has also worked in advertising and promotion at CBS in Hollywood.

Connie is the youngest child of George and Nellie Vandeman, and was born in Glendale, California in 1956, the same year her father founded the It Is Written telecast. Connie graduated from Newbury Park Academy and received a bachelor of arts degree in English at La Sierra University, Riverside, California. During college, she spent one year at Newbold College in England and during that time traveled to many countries in Europe.

Connie has been in front of television cameras since the age of five, when her father carried her with her teddy bear across the It Is Written set in New York. She began studying piano in the second grade, received a guitar for Christmas when she was 13, recorded her first album (God Is Beautiful) for Chapel« Music during her junior year of academy, began singing on her father's It Is Written telecast the following year, and received an Angel Award in 1990 for her album Jesus Never Fails.

For over 25 years, Connie has been on television, in concert, and in churches across North America and Europe sharing her testimony of Jesus Christ with millions. During NET '96 she sang by satellite to over 30 countries worldwide. She has also had opportunities over the years to polish her public speaking and interviewing skills.

She has written fund-raising letters for It Is Written, and her articles have appeared in Insight, the Adventist Review, and the It Is Written magazine, Channels.

Connie and her husband, Ron Jeffery, have one son, Craig Ronald Jeffery. Her spare-time activities include golf, tennis, and writing songs.

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