Daniel Winans

"Over the course of his life and career, Daniel Winans has given a great deal of thought to what's necessary. Born in Detroit, he was one of ten children in the extraordinary Winans family. There was never a dull moment in our house,"" he remembers with a laugh, ""we had shining examples of Christian love and forbearance, but they also brought the sound of music into the home, so that every night became a private family Gospel concert. ""I was called the country singer of the family,"" he says. ""They thought I sounded like a white country singer, but that's OK; one of my best friends now is Vince Gill.""

As important as music was, Daniel's relationship with the Lord was paramount. ""We were raised in holiness,"" says Daniel. ""I loved church. Punishment for me was not being allowed to go to church."" After being saved while in high school, Daniel examined his career options. Surprisingly, singing was not one of them at first. He worked briefly in a soda pop factory in Detroit, before seizing the opportunity to record a demo of original songs with his sisters Debbie and Angelique. That led to interest on the part of several record companies, both Christian and secular. ""I was offered a huge contract from one secular company, but there was no hesitation on my part whatsoever in turning it down,"" he notes. ""It was like offering a carton of cigarettes to someone who doesn't smoke.""

In 1987 Daniel released his debut album, Daniel Winans and the Second Half. Two years later he recorded Brotherly Love, and in 1990 he won the Best Contemporary Gospel Song Grammy for the title cut from that album. My Point of View was released in 1991, and he last appeared on the charts with 1994's Not in My House. Over the course of his career, Daniel has never lost his sense of gratitude for being able to make a living singing the Lord's praises. ""Music has never been about money or fame for me or anyone in my family,"" he says. ""The Lord just sent this our way, and I'm very honored He blessed me like this.""

As a recording artist, family man, and Christian, Daniel Winans has always been a model of personal integrity."

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