David E. Gonzalez

Music has always been an integral part of David's life. As a child he would listen to classical music and the local Christian radio station. The profound effect music had on David did not go unnoticed.

I was enrolled in private piano lessons early," David states, "only to quit and pursue the flute instead. Nevertheless, I did not completely forsake the piano as I resumed, in my own way, to teach myself and compose on the instrument."

As time passed, it became apparent that David would pursue his music in college. "When it came time to choose a college, I consecrated myself and my talent to the Lord. He has answered my prayers in profound ways as He opened and closed doors all along the way."

David achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts. In 1992, he began Advent Studio Recordings with his own instrumental release, Just A Little Longer, featuring him as flute soloist and arranger. Since then he has arranged and produced more than 14 full-length albums for various Christian artists. His latest release includes: A Continuous Sacrifice (vocal selections), Above and Beyond (instrumental/electronic), and Inspirational Flute Solos (Chapel Music).

"Today I believe music has a profound effect on each of our lives. It also holds a very important office in heaven." David realizes the truth of this statement each time he receives letters from concert goers who report incidents of emotional and in some cases physical healing while listening to his music.

"One hundred percent of the time I am unaware of what effect my music will have on the listener. Yet I can have the confidence that if the music I share is carried by His Spirit, it will bring someone closer to Christ." This goal and David's humble spirit have combined in this latest recording, On the Wings of Your Spirit.

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