Debbonnaire Kovacs

Debbonnaire Kovacs was born in Arizona. "My next sibling was born in Maryland, and the rest in Washington state. That sets the tone for my childhood - we never had much, but we saw a lot of places, and libraries are free. The five of us used to devour 30 or 40 books in a week."

By the time Debbonnaire was eight, she knew she was a writer, and by ten she was embarked on a highly plagiaristic novel which she never completed. Over the next dozen years, she started (operative word) dozens more, wrote many stories, and even sold two. "But they said nobody could make a living at writing. I had to get a real job."

Debbonnaire got a degree in Early Childhood Education and then used all the creative things she learned on her own children, which she says is more fun anyway! "I even homeschooled - only for a year or two... now going on 15!" Today, Debbonnaire's two boys, Nathan and Robin, are out working at finding their own lives, and her daughter Sally, is doing her high school work with a little assistance from Mom.

As for Debbonnaire, she's still writing. "I live the life I've always dreamed of - a happy marriage, a 170-year-old house and small farm (37 acres) a long way from anywhere (Killbuck, Ohio), lots of animals, including sheep, goats, and wool rabbits for fiber to spin and weave. My husband, Les, is a woodcrafter, and we go to some shows and play dress-up and make old-fashioned stuff, and have a wonderful time. But most of all - I write!"

Debbonnaire has authored two books and several articles and has written the first two of four new elementary Bible textbooks.

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