Delphine Charles

Right from the start, music has played a significant role in Delphine Charles' life. She was born Delphine Jeanine Brown in a small Detroit, Michigan, hospital. Her love for music wasn't hurt at all by being born in the music capital of the world where the Motown sound" swept the industry with its gospel-rooted melodies.

The Corner Stone Baptist Church was the "cradle" from which Delphine's love for gospel music was born. "I can recall the joyous sounds of praise to the Lord, the rhythmic clapping and the melodious sounds of song echoing through the hearts, minds, and souls of each member, soothing every weary body in trying times."

In the mid to late sixties, these trying times would touch her directly. As segregation began to heighten, she found herself uprooted from her familiar settings of friends and bussed across town to school. Ms. Brown did not know exactly what was going on, but just kept right on singing and praising God. With that attitude, in this new environment, she earned a place on the Glee Club. Delphine realized then that God's music has no color barrier.

Unhappy with the public schools, Delphine's mother turned to God for help in getting her children into parochial schools. She enrolled Delphine in Davision Junior Academy located in Detroit, Michigan. This move had a tremendous impact on her solo career. At the Essex Seventh-day Adventist Church, Delphine was well prepared and taught under the tutelage of sister Ellen Tolson. From there she began a journey that would take her to Pine Forge Academy, located in Pine Forge, Pennsylvania. Upon her arrival she joined the Pine Forge Concert Choir and toured the United States as the ambassadors of Pine Forge Academy.

Delphine now makes her home in the glorious rolling hills of Sanatoga, Pennsylvania. With the support of her husband, Mr. Theodore Charles, Sr., and their three children, Theodore Jr., Christine, and Jocelyn, she has embarked on a solo career in gospel music. "My passion is God and family and being able to sing about the Lord."

Delphine's leisure-time passions are museums and studying history. She also enjoys vacationing with her family in Nevada, Florida, and all parts of the U.S.

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