Dorothy N. Nelson

When one has an experience that demonstrates so vividly that God hears and answers prayers, there is a strong desire to share it. I told my story first to family and later to friends as I couldn't keep silent about such a miracle of God's care. It wasn't my purpose to share beyond family and friends but as the years passed and I continued to tell my story, more and more people began urging me to write. My previous thoughts and writing came into clearer focus as I took time to put together a book. Offers came from different groups for publication but it seemed the timing wasn't right. The experience was a very personal and sacred one and I somehow didn't feel comfortable about its publication.

However as the years passed and an invitation came from the Pacific Press to publish the book, I felt it was time to share. My sincere hope now is that this book might inspire and encourage others that God does hear and answer prayers as He did for me. Behind the miracle of a rescue from an ice floe in the Arctic is the story of a shy little girl who had a dream GǪ a dream of being a flying missionary someday. God responded to that dream in His own way and His own timing and for this I am deeply grateful. I know there is a God, a very personal One who answers the prayers of even little people with big dreams of serving Him.

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