Drs. John and Millie Youngberg

Drs. Millie and John Youngberg, Professors Emeriti of Andrews University, have enriched many homes not only in the USA, but Canada, Inter-America, South America, Europe and Asia. The Youngbergs were founders and directors of Family Life International, which for 25 years has trained family life educators around the world.

They are the authors of 20 books including Marriage Commitment, Unbroken Circle, Operation Family, Rebuilding the Family Altar (published in six languages), Making Family Worship Spiritual and Fun, and a new 14-part video series Enriching Family Devotions.

They are presidents of Marriage & Family Commitment, Inc., a non-profit corporation dedicated to the prophetic calling of turning hearts of parents to children and children to parents.

The Youngbergs are the parents of two sons and their lovely wives, and grandparents of five "dynamic" grandchildren.

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