Duane McBride

As an integral part of the local community and the SDA church worldwide, Dr. McBride has become well known for his research efforts in addictions and Adventist Global Church Member surveys. Joining the Department of Behavioral Sciences (now the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences) in 1986, Dr. McBride took over as Chair of the Behavioral Sciences department from Dr. LaBianca in 1992 and continued to serve in that position for 23 years. In addition to his work in the School of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Dr. McBride serves on the Berrien County Board of Public Health, on the National Institute of Health Grant Review Committee, and as the Executive Director of the Institute for Prevention of Addictions. As Senior Research Professor, Dr. McBride continues to work on and publish research in collaboration with individuals both at Andrews and abroad and to prepare for the 2023 Global Church Member Survey.

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