In 1980, while attending Southern University, Eastwind began with a vision and a burden to share their love for God through their unique style and original music. They soon finished their education, married, and moved in separate directions. Their paths crossed again fourteen years later in Hendersonville, North Carolina. In one year's time, God propelled them from practice session in a basement to a busy concert schedule around the Carolinas and a recording project. Eastwind has recorded at 3ABN and performed at the Carolina camp meeting as well as at numerous conventions, retreats, and churches.

In concert, Eastwind brings not only a beautiful blend of inspirational harmony but also an atmosphere in which the Holy Spirit can richly bless.

David Youngberg has been writing and performing his own songs since he was twelve years old. As a high school teacher he has developed a talent to reach young people. He is an exciting speaker and has a powerful baritone voice. David plays the acoustic guitar for Eastwind.

Carol Freck is David's sister, and she enjoys writing songs between busy moments with her three children. Carol sings alto and plays keyboard for Eastwind. She feels God has called this group together with an important message to share.

Ron Freck, Carol's husband, is blessed with a smooth tenor voice and has written a variety of songs. Ron plays bass guitar. He believes time is very short and wants to do his part to hasten the Lord's coming. When he's not writing and performing with Eastwind, he ministers as a nurse.

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