Elizabeth Souza

In Brazil, I am known as Betty Souza. I have Brazilian parents, and was born here in the US, California. My greatest passion is to sing and inspire people to look for God, grace, and influence others "to love each other." I love to cook healthy meals, and love to read about natural herbal treatments for any health ailments and problems. Besides loving to give concerts, I love to teach people to sing and play the piano. I love to hang out with good friends after church, or visit with them for tea on a Saturday night. I love playing pictionary with my family. I look up to my voice teacher, Twila Paris, Janet Paschal, Kathy Troccoli, and Crystal Lewis. I really enjoy Chinese and Mexican foods and am trying to perfect some recipes I found. Some of my favorite spots to go for a vacation are: Marco Island, and the beaches of California, when I visit my family, especially Venice and Santa Monica, where I have great memories visiting with my husband.

I am a graduate from Towson State University, Towson (Baltimore), Maryland. Got a vocal performance BA in 1997. Got married right after, Dec. 1997, as well. Have gone from performing Christian concerts full-time in Brazil to teaching full-time (music), and performing at least twice a month, and leading the worship of our church with my husband.

In 1994 I released my first Portuguese solo album called Agradece Ao Pai, sold over 30,000 to date. In 1997 I released Escolho Jesus (my second Portuguese CD). In 2000 released Desbordando de Amor in Spanish which includes the best of the first two CDs and in 2001 released another Portuguese CD called Mais Lima Chance.

What motivated me to record Desbordando de Amor? The fact that in this country there will probably always be more Hispanics than Brazilians, and I thought I needed to share my music with the Hispanic communities. I've been fortunate to have given way over 500 concerts all over Brazil, and certain cities in the US. God performed many miracles in my life, and I owe Him my praise, devotion, testimony, and ministry. I hope the Lord will open more and more doors where I can share my life testimony, and there I will reassure people that God's up to miracles! And loves us endlessly, more than we can see or imagine. That's why I sing. That's what I live for.

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