In Unity

"In Unity has been on fire for the Lord since the formation of the group in September 1991. It all began one Friday evening when six young men began to harmonize around a piano. From that small beginning the group has developed its own musical ministry. Audiences around the world have been blessed as the group performed at various schools, churches, and youth rallies. Along the way, the group has endured drastic changes--in size and name.

The original members are Jerry Richard, Oliver James, Zachary Smith, Anthony Walker, Chris Morris, and Kenny Jones. As time passed, Brian Morris, Sean Busby, Josh Samaniego, Keith Gray, and Carlos Rivera joined the group to help continue their ministry. Growing to eleven members has brought difficulties. However, it also brought a diversity to the group that in many ways sets them apart from most a cappella groups. They have been able to incorporate different tastes of music into their songs, ranging from gospel to jazz to a modern pop style. Plus, with so many people in the group, they can reach out to more people in a personal manner after concerts and at other group activities.

Due to trademark conflicts, the group officially changed their name from One Accord to In Unity in March 1996. The fall of that same year they released their debut album, Once Upon a Chord . . . It was such a great experience to release our first album," notes Jerry Richard, Jr., a first tenor. "It was as if this album helped us to strengthen our focus on Christ and what His will for us would be. In a way, our name change symbolized a new beginning for our ministry."

After releasing the album, In Unity's ministry indeed blossomed. The group has had the privilege of opening for such Christian artists as Cindy Morgan, Chris Willis, Patty Cabrera, GLAD, and A cappella. In addition, In Unity was invited to Taiwan to give a one-week concert tour throughout the country. In Unity writes or arranges all of its music, which is amazing considering none of the members have formal training in music. "That just goes to show that with Jesus Christ, all things are possible," says Zachary Smith, also a first tenor in the group. "If you dedicate your talents and your will to Jesus Christ, there is no telling what He can do with your ministry."

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