Jaime Thietten

The year Whitney Houston released her debut album, a little blond haired girl sat for hours cross-legged on the floor in front of her Karaoke machine belting out strains of "Greatest Love of All." Jaime Thietten's (pronounced "teeten") persistence paid off. Today, her voice is continually in demand.

Jaime began her singing career at age six in her local church singing harmony with her mother, Judi, and sister, Kayla. By the time she was 13, she was singing solos at church, graduations, and weddings. One listener commented, "That child's voice is five years older than she is."

Jaime won several vocal competitions while in high school, and her year as Miss Magic Valley, 1994, gave her extensive vocal opportunities and a large following. She has been in demand for local church and community events since that time and has performed for county fairs and numerous benefits throughout the valley.

Other activities have included radio and television commercials, and television specials. Her 1995 "Spirit of Christmas" benefit, which she produced, was packed to the rafters, with no standing room and people watching on video in another room. She performed the National Anthem for the annual Chamber of Commerce Success Breakfast where former President Gerald Ford was the keynote speaker.

The last two years or so, Jaime slowed down her pace to make some life changes, like getting married. She sang with a band called "The Shenanigans" for a while with husband Pete (the drummer), doing some '80s style pop/rock.

"I really wasn't happy doing that," Jaime says, "and I was damaging my voice as well. Then I came to the realization that nothing really fulfilled me as much as Christian music, and I knew where I wanted to be. God sent me another writer with wonderful songs and everything just started falling into place."

Jaime's debut album, Anywhere, was released August 1, 2000. Searching for the right tunes by writers with similar goals and music styles was the hardest part. She wanted the album to be who she was, not just a collection of songs.

"Jesus has a plan for every person on this earth," she goes on. "I feel very strongly that He has called me to lift up His name to the churched as well as the unchurched. I want to tell everyone that God's plan for their life will bring them joy and peace. So hurry and find what that plan is. I want to tell them that His awesome grace covers all their mistakes and inadequacies."

"God is changing lives like never before," Jaime concludes, "and if He wants to use me, I'm here, ready and willing. Just tell me where."

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