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Dr. James E. Johnson lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. He was born in Madison, Illinois on March 3, 1926, one of nine children. He attended public schools, and at the age of 18 enlisted in the Marine Corps, rising through the ranks to the grade of Chief Warrant Officer.

Dr. Johnson never forgot his father's advice on the importance of education. He received his Associate of Arts degree from Santa Ana College and his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from George Washington University. Today, he possesses eight degrees, plus seven honorary degrees. On June 1, 1973, Chapman College of Orange, California, honored James E. Johnson with the title "Doctor of Laws".

In August 1965, upon retiring from the Marine Corps after 21 years of service, Dr. Johnson joined the Prudential Life Insurance Company. During the first 2 1/2 months with the firm, he sold 1.5 million dollars of insurance.

In 1967 he was appointed by the Governor of California as the Director of the California State Department of Veterans Affairs. In 1969, President Nixon, in recognition of his performance in the California post, appointed Dr. Johnson as Vice-Chairman of the United States Civil Service Commission. The three-man body is responsible for the affairs of three million civil service employees scattered throughout the world.

In the spring of 1971, he was appointed by the President as the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower and Reserve Affairs). As the manpower and personnel policy administrator for the over two million men and women (uniformed, civilians, retirees, reservists, and dependents) of the Naval Service, he was one of the key members of the top-level Defense team working to ready a cost-effective, all-volunteer force--a mission requiring a fine sense of balance between goals and aspirations of servicemen and women as individuals, and the needs of the nation for an effective military force.

Dr. Johnson is married to the former Juanita V. Butler of Triangle, Virginia. They have four children and several grandchildren. The Johnsons lost their eldest son, Kenneth in 1972. Kenneth, a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, died at the Bethesda Naval Hospital following surgery.

After forming a friendship with Paul Glenn of the Potomac ABC, Dr. and Mrs. Johnson became acquainted with Adventist teachings. Later, after relocating to Lake Havisu, Arizona, they studied the Bible with Pastor Martin Webber and joined the Adventist Church by profession of faith in 1998.

Appearing before a wide range of audiences with divergent interests, Dr. Johnson rarely departs from his central theme of love. Deeply religious and patriotic, he challenges his audiences to make a searching self-examination to avoid squandering time and energy on negativism, and to reinforce with dedication and humility the positive aspects of life. This outlook is reflected in his personal involvement with a variety of projects and organizations dedicated to the betterment of society, including Vice-President of the Boy Scouts of America, Chairman of the District of Columbia Health and Welfare Council, Board of Directors of the United Givers Fund, and association with the National Asthma Center.

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