Jean Boonstra

Jean Boonstra is ​a​ssociate ​s​peaker for the Voice of Prophecy ministry, and ​e​xecutive ​producer for Discovery Mountain. Jean is the co-host of Disclosure, ​the ​Voice of Prophecy's flagship radio program, and the creator and writer of the Bible-based adventure audio series Discovery Mountain. She is a prolific writer, including authoring eight books in the Adventist Girl series, which shares history through the eyes of young girls.

As a pastor's wife and mother, Jean is deeply committed to encouraging women to serve God and their families in the role that He has called them to. Jean is a frequent speaker at women's retreats across North America.

Jean has a passion for evangelism. As a university student, she attended a series of evangelistic meetings in Victoria, BC, Canada. She fell in love with Jesus, and since that time, she and her husband, Shawn, s​peaker/​director of the Voice of Prophecy, have followed God in His calling for their lives—to share Jesus.

Jean and Shawn ​live in Colorado with their two young adult daughters. Learn more at

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