Jerry and Kitty Thomas

Best-selling author Jerry D. Thomas and his wife, Kitty, have teamed up to write the "Mixed-up Max" series of books. "We wanted to open the promises of Jesus to children in a way they can understand." Max's unique way of mixing things up seemed to be an ideal way to teach kids what it means to be a Christian."

Besides raising her own kids, Kitty has worked with children of various ages through the years. She's been a girls' dean, coached high school volleyball, taught elementary school choir, and recently started and managed her own business Raisin' Angels Daycare center.

"Kitty is a natural with children," Jerry says. "She has a way of reaching their hearts like no one else I have ever known. I knew if she would write books with me, they would be something children would enjoy."

Jerry spent several years as a pastor and a teacher before coming to Pacific Press as a book editor in 1991. "It's the perfect job for someone who loves books as much as I do," he says. "To me, the most powerful thing about writing is the chance to take something that is complex or confusing and help people understand it." This philosophy, perhaps fueled by his background in education, is what drives the writing of Jerry D. Thomas, author of more than forty books.

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