Joe Savino

"As a full-time church pastor Joe Savino has always used music as an integral part of his witnessing and ministering for the Lord. Blessed with a pleasing voice, an incredible ear, and the gift to create wonderfully tight, soaring vocal harmonies, Joe's music is both reverent and joyful. His concerts are delighting audiences up and down the West Coast.

Afflicted as a youth with an eye disease that was expected to leave him blind, Joe's parents encouraged and nurtured his musical abilities as a means to give him self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. With his family's support, Joe spent many years singing and playing guitar, and with these two instruments he has developed a folk-gospel style that is comforting and inspiring. As a songwriter and performer, his whole approach to music is to share the love of God to others.

I am grateful to God for so many things and especially for giving us the gift of music. My prayer in witnessing through music is that others will see Jesus as the Friend He is to me, and that their friendships with Him will increase as well.""

Married and the father of two sons, Joe is committed to spreading the gospel and looks expectantly to the day when Jesus will come again to take us home."

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