Katy Pistole

Katy Pistole has lived most of her life as a nomad. "Being the daughter of a Foreign Service Officer will do that to a person." Her growing up years were spent in Asia and Africa. Overseas, horses were plentiful and Katy spent most of her waking hours riding or reading or writing about horses. "The Lord used my horse in Botswana to introduce me to Himself. By the time I graduated from J.E.B. Stuart High School in Falls Church, Virginia, I had attended thirteen different schools and written several books (never published)."

Katy received a BA in English Literature from George Mason University while training full time as a bicycle racer. She was the silver medallist for Virginia in 1984 and also qualified for the Pan Am Trials.

She was offered a long-term substitute teaching position in 1987 in the Marshall Islands (where her Dad was the Ambassador) and accepted it. She returned to the U.S. and attended James Madison University where she received her post-graduate teaching certification in 1990.

"Horses came back into my life shortly after I married my long time cycling buddy, Chuck Pistole. We lived on Sonrise Farm until the birth of our first child in 1993. Many of Jenny's adventures came from my experiences there."

The Pistole's currently own two horses and have had the joy of introducing their own daughter and son to horsemanship.

Speaking about her Sonrise Ranch books, Katy says, "I believe these are God's books. He propelled me downstairs to the computer morning after morning. He has used my love for horses to reveal many misconceptions I had about Him. My passion in life is to allow Him to use these experiences to introduce and encourage children and adults to the grace and love of our incredible Lord."

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