LUO Quartet

"Denny Bern Docil is a happy father of two kids. He graduated at Southwestern Adventist University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and is presently employed at California Adventist Federal Credit Union in Glendale. He loves contemporary gospel music and is assisting the Pathfinder club in his church. He sings first tenor.

Nical Ornopia is a recording engineer and a father of two. Nical graduated at Philippine Union College with a BA degree in arts and sciences. He is presently working at White Memorial Medical Center. His love for music and his desire to help promising artists who can't afford expensive recording fees encouraged him to put up a recording studio (NIPO). He sings baritone.

Nager Ornopia is a businessman in the field of water treatment and conditioning. Presently, he serves as an elder and a praise worship leader who believes that music combined with God's Word will be an effective tool to draw more souls to Christ. He is happily married, blessed with three children and earned a bachelor's degree in medical technology at Southwestern Adventist University. He sings second tenor.

Denny, Nical and Nager started singing 10 years ago in the Philippines. When they migrated to the U.S., they formed a group with three more young men of similar love and passion for Christian music that would attract the right Hollywood producer and make the big time" in the music industry. Regular Bible studies opened to better insights and new visions that led them to adopt a new name: "LUO," (to set free) based on Romans 8:2 as suggested by Ritchie Carbajal. The group was reduced to four and cut their first album, Blessed Assurance.

The group went through a painful sifting experience and this lead to the calling of a new member and their second album, I Will Praise You, Lord.

Yuhl Batiller is a registered nurse specializing in mental health. He earned his BA degree in nursing at Mountain View College in the Philippines and is presently working at Cedar Sinai Medical Center. Yuhl loves going to the beach and enjoys outdoor activities such as volleyball, roller blading, and hiking. Besides singing, he finds himself enjoying the company of a piano or the violin. He sings bass."

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