Mabel R. Miller

Mabel Miller was born next door to Elmshaven in 1910 in the house built by her father, Dores Eugene Robinson, on property given them by his wife Ella's grandmother, Ellen White for a wedding present. Mabel's brother, Virgil Robinson, was born three years prior in the "White House" owned by Grandpa William C. White. "Arthur (Uncle) White, had been born in the same room three months earlier."

Mabel's father had left Scotland after one year taking medical courses to be one of Ellen White's secretaries. "She stated the Lord had shown her that He had other plans for his life than medical."

Mabel remembers that her "Grandma Ellen" was never too busy for the grandchildren, despite her heavy responsibilities and vigorous writing regimen.

"After Grandma fell, broke her hip, and was confined to bed for the last five months of her life, as a family we often went up to sing and pray with her. When she died, the casket was kept inside the front room, the funeral service was out on the lawn. I remember so clearly when my dad lifted me up to see her in the casket. I touched her hands. They were cold. She did not smile at me. I began to cry. My father took me outside where we were alone, and explained death to me, and the wonderful promise I would see and love her again when Jesus comes."

Mabel spent many years in South Africa where her father had been called to be editor of the South African paper. "For two years Virgil and I attended our boarding school, away off in Zulu land, Natal. It was then named Spion Kop College. Later it was moved near Cape Town and named Helderberg College."

She had a great desire to teach and started a class for African women having only Sabbath School picture rolls and a blackboard. The women, who ordinarily wouldn't have learned to read or write, soon were writing letters and words in the dirt with sticks. Mabel's own formal education, however, was incomplete.

In 1927 Mabel and her brother were sent back to St. Helena where they lived with their grandparents, Elder and Mrs. W.C. White. In 1931, Mabel graduated from Normal with a certificate that allowed her to teach elementary school. This she did for the next dozen years while trying to work and earn a B.A. degree during the summertime. She finally gave up after the requirements kept changing.

Mabel's husband, Dwight H. Miller, was a school treasurer and business teacher. Their son, Dwight, was born in May of 1944. He is now a medical doctor in Chico, California.

Mabel has authored several books including, William and His Twenty-Two, Five-Foot-Two Giant; and Ellen--the girl with two angels. She wrote the Bible Textbooks for teachers grades 1-4--a project that took four years (1970-75).

Mabel and her husband are enjoying retirement in National City, just two blocks from Paradise Valley Hospital.

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