Michael Priebe

Growing up in the church, Michael Priebe had many opportunities to praise God with his voice as he continued to mature in his vocal skills. As his involvement in music ministry started to increase, his talents were heard, his commitment to excellence was observed and his sincerity for the Lord was felt.


Michael continued serving God with his music through his high school years as he led worship, participated in choirs and small groups, and continued his solo endeavors. His talents were affirmed his senior year when he took first place in his division and first place overall at the high school talent show. College greeted him kindly with a music scholarship as he was accepted to be part of the La Sierra University Vocal Octet. The Octet, made up of four female soloists and four male soloists, enjoyed traveling throughout the United States sharing their gifts with others.

After graduating from Loma Linda University in 1993, Michael continued to do what he loved most--sing. With the help of his producer, Jimmy Mac, the band Common Creed was formed. After playing together for a few months they decided to release an album "When He Calls." With a decision to pursue a solo career, Michael moved on to his next project, "Send Me." This project is being used to help raise money for various charities as it urges others to stand and answer God's calling to tell the world of His undying love.

While Michael continues to lead worship at churches and perform at concerts, he is busy promoting his recently released solo debut album. With all original music and superb musicianship, this album entitled Where Would I Be is bound to gain some attention from contemporary Christian music aficionados.

Michael continually desires to be used by God as he reaches out to hearts in need. His enthusiasm for his Maker and the life he's been given is evident and is bound to rub off on you.

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