Pamela Consuegra

Dr. Pamela Consuegra currently serve with her husband, Dr. Claudio Consuegra, as Family Ministries directors for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Pamela has a background in Adventist education, having served as a teacher, academy principal, and superintendent of schools. Pamela holds a Ph.D. in Leadership from Andrews University.

Pamela has a rich background in the area of family ministries having worked with Claudio as a husband and wife team in numerous conferences, hosting a live call-in family show for LifeTalk radio for three years, hosting a parenting series on Hope TV Channel, as well as being the authors of the world Sabbath School Study guide on “Family Seasons,” and writing numerous journal articles and books.

They have two daughters: Diana, an English teacher, and Hadassah, a surgeon, and two sons-in-law, Greggory, a speech and language pathologist, and Andrew, a Navy airplane technician.

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