Paul Madden

Paul Madden was born and raised in Brewster, a small apple farming community in North Central Washington. Paul studied at the University of Washington, majoring in piano. While in college, he signed a major recording contract with CBS Records, and spent the next ten years as a professional recording artist in Los Angeles, California.

Following the separation of his group, Paul acknowledged a spiritual emptiness in his life and was encouraged to write music that expressed God's love for him, and Paul's love for God. Paul and his wife Janice relocated from Los Angeles to Brewster, where they raised organic apples to sustain their growing family. Encouraged by family and friends to use his talents for Jesus, Paul invested in a digital recording studio where he produced his first CD, an instrumental entitled, Walks on Water, released in November 1994.

Paul also began teaching piano and voice students, and founded North Star Records and Conservatory. Paul suffered a near-fatal heart attack in February 1995. Battling to return to good health and provide for his family, Paul believes more strongly in the power of God and His calling to help others know the Lord through music.

Overcoming his personal physical and emotional trial inspired the formation of a children's choir in November 1995. Four select choir members (The Dreamers) can be heard on his second CD: Each for the Other and All for God.

During the production of Return to Hymn, Paul's family grew to six with the birth of Alexis Catherine. Now with four girls of his own (Jenny, Hillary, Whitney, and Alexis), Paul says he'll never be at a loss for singers.

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