Rudy Micelli

Rudy Micelli was born in BagT, RS, Brazil on September 10, 1972 into a Christian home. His family--six brothers and one sister--were singers and musicians and they encouraged him to develop his musical talents at a very young age. His mother tells that when he was about three, he would ask to play his favorite LPs and he would use anything that would look like a microphone and pretend to be singing in church. This was his favorite thing to do and he would do so for hours.

When Rudy was five years old, he moved to Porto Alegre, the capital of his state. At this age, he sang for the first time in his church. At first, it was against his will because he was naturally nervous in front of an audience. Rudy solved this problem with time because after each of his performances he would receive a box of chocolates and gifts from his pastor and church . Years passed and his talent developed. He no longer sung motivated by the chocolate boxes but by pure passion to music and to the ministry which the Lord gave him.

As a teenager Rudy directed a musical group called "Cristo, Esperanca Nossa" (Christ Our Hope) and conducted the senior choir of his church at age 13. Desiring to perfect his talent, at age 18 Rudy he enrolled in Vocal Technique studies. He had private instructors at first but later attended schools like "Instituto Musiarte", "Goethe Music School" and "Federal University of Rio Grande Do Sul."

His talent eventually brought him into contact with secular musicians. Soon he was performing on theater stages and receiving accolades and rewards that weakened his ministry and connection with God.

Two and half years went by and the desire for ministry Rudy had received from God at an early age returned. Though succeeding by earthly standards, his life felt empty. It was then that he decided to return home. Rudy gathered his co-singers and talked to them about the gospel of Jesus and his decision to return and sing for the kingdom of God.

Rudy began ministering praises to God with new enthusiasm and an effective testimony that "it is not worth it to leave Jesus to taste even a bit of what the world has to offer." In 1997 he came to the United States to continue his studies in music. He also began singing in local churches in Miami, where he still resides today.

Today, Rudy continues to travel around the country carrying the message of Christ's love and His salvation to all. He sings for English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking audiences and congregations alike. When Rudy Micelli begins to sing, it is not difficult to soon perceive that he is not only another singer among the rest. Lives are transformed and surrendered to Christ...and inspiration are brought to the hearts of the listeners.

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