Sally Hohnberger

Sally Hohnberger is a nurse by profession, a servant by personality, who was called home by the unction of the Holy Spirit to be a wife, mother, and housekeeper instead. As a conscientious Christian mother she found she fell far short of her high aspirations. It was easier to be a nurse than a mother, wife and housekeeper, she discovered. God led Sally to take drastic measures of moving from Wisconsin to the wilderness mountains of Montana to find a closer, more personal walk with God in order to discover the success she was missing.

In the mountain setting of Montana, time with God and her family, God became increasingly more real and empowered her to become all she desired to be and more. Facing her personal weaknesses through faith in Christ, she grew out of her fears, inadequacies, and unworthy attitudes about herself into freedom in Christ. Facing her marriage challenges through communion with Jesus, even greater freedoms occurred and her marriage went from mundane to extraordinary. Learning to let Jesus be her Pilot as a parent brought outstanding results and further changes in her character as well as her children’s.

In Christ not in Self she discovered many secrets to success over the past twenty years. God has put in her heart a desire to help others through sharing these secrets in the pulpit and the written word through the practical application rather than theoretical knowledge alone.

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