Sheryl Palmer

Born in 1952 to proud parents, Harold and Rose Palmer, Sheryl A. Palmer was the third of eight children. From the time she was about 10, Sheryl started writing songs. At 12, she started singing with her family--The Palmer Gospel Singers. "Both parents taught us to sing praises to God," says Sheryl. "And not only sing, but to feel what the words really meant. We traveled a good deal from state to state."

Sheryl attended Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama and Kent State University in Ashtabula, Ohio. Not finding college to be her "thing," she began using her God-given talents to help care for her children. Sheryl is the proud mother of two girls, two boys, and two grandchildren.

"My passion is to complete a book my sister and I are writing together, and to sing, and write songs that will bring great joy and comfort to all." Sheryl has sung at women's retreats, camp meetings, church events, open park events, weeks of prayer, and at some of her employer's social events.

"I want it to be known to all, I am a child of a soon-coming Savior and don't mind working in God's Army. I want to be a soldier who will stand firm on 'thus saith the Lord.' I wrote all the songs on this CD, which God gave to me mostly while driving my car. I wrote them for my sisters Faye and Kim to sing because I wouldn't sing at all for about 15 years. But when the Spirit of God fell on me to sing again, I ended up recording my first CD, Touched By His Spirit. I am blessed, better than blessed, and pray that all those who hear my CD will be blessed as well."

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