Simple Gifts of the Northwest

Simple Gifts of the Northwest has been performing for over 12 years. Our Christ-centered music has touched the hearts of many. Our name is based not on the old Shaker hymn but rather on the fact that God has given everyone simple gifts with which to praise His name. To that end we have over the years traveled from church to church in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, sharing a message of hope while providing a worshipful atmosphere of soothing music. For several years we were engaged in prison ministries at the Washington State Reformatory and used all proceeds to further that effort. Moonlight is our first recording and represents a collection of traditional and original music played over the past 12 years.

Simple Gifts of the Northwest is a collective of three families: Gerry, Mary, Jordan and Lianna Lindsay, Michael Riston, and Janice Richardson. The acoustic instruments we play include guitar, hammered dulcimer, Celtic harp, recorders, flute, mandolin, panflute and hand cooing. Gerry is by profession a court reporter. Mary is the Children's Ministries Coordinator for Washington Conference and also works for the Adventist Book Center. Lianna is a senior at Puget Sound Adventist Academy, and Jordan, though currently a student missionary in Palau, is an education major at Walla Walla College. Michael is a software engineer, as is his wife Hilda who until their two children came along also actively participated in the group. Janice is a hair stylist and artist who often creates pictures during performances which follow the theme of the music; she is married with three daughters.

Simple Gifts are available for concerts at camp meetings, churches, conventions, etc.
Fees: Travel and expenses.

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