Steve Peterson

I was born in Martinez, California, and have lived in various parts of that state ever since, except for when my family lived in Singapore, for four years in the late sixties.

I started playing alto saxophone in the fourth grade, mainly because Roy, my older brother, played the same instrument. As I grew up, I was fortunate enough to have had two saxophone teachers that made music and eventually, performance, fun. They were able to make songs come alive for me.

I played mostly duets with Roy, until we went to different schools. I continued playing on my own for various events until I started medical school at Loma Linda University in 1975. For the subsequent eleven years, including my orthopedic residency, I had little time or energy for music.

In 1986, our family moved to Sonora, California, where I started playing again. Over the years, the Lord has granted opportunities to play more frequently. Through playing for various Voice of Prophecy events, including in Norway, I became friends with Jaime Jorge, with whom I've played many times since. One particular highlight was performing, with Jaime, for the La Voz Net 2001, evangelistic meetings in Havana, Cuba.

Max Mace has given me the opportunity to perform with the Heritage Singers a number of times.

My personal passions, besides orthopedic surgery, include basketball, gardening (I have a nursery business), photography, snow skiing, body surfing in Hawaii, eating mangos and Indian food, listening to big band music and Kenny G., and doing music with Scott, our son.

But even greater than all of these, is the joy of doing something in partnership with the Lord, which is something that performing music allows. Having a small part in people being moved by the Holy Spirit through music is my highest goal.

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