Susan Sheer Perkin

Music has been in Susan Perkin's life for as long as she can remember. "Growing up in an Adventist home, my parents always encouraged singing during our worships," recalls Perkin, "and I remember with vivid detail sitting on the porch at our home in Maryland listening to my parents and three sisters singing 'Day is Dying in the West' as Sabbath approached. Heaven feels so near to me when I sing. It was not until I got older did I realize that music can carry as powerful a message as the spoken word."

Susan graduated from Shenandoah Valley Academy in 1983 and went on to Loma Linda University to pursue a career in nursing. After graduating she took a job on the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at LLUMC where she met her husband who was their medical director. As the couple watched how God touched the lives of those sick children and their families, they both realized how important music is to healing and they dedicated themselves to sharing God through their music.

Since that time, the Perkins moved to Greenville, North Carolina where Susan's husband took the job as chairman for the department of Pediatric at Eastern Carolina University School of Medicine. God also blessed the couple with a bundle of joy named Benjamin who is "the laughter in each of our days."

Susan went to Rwanda, Africa in 1992-93 for seven months as a teacher for the Adventist Dental Clinic and fell in love with traveling. Paris is a special favorite. "But," Susan says, "I also like to stay at home and just spend time with family and friends." Growing orchids, gardening, drawing, reading and taking long walks are also high on Susan's list of favorite things.

"Music has always inspired me to be better, do better and opens my heart sometimes when nothing else can. I hope God uses our music to do the same for you."

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