Teresa Freeman

Teresa Freeman was born in Muskogee, Oklahoma, the fifth of eight children belonging to J.B. and Irene Freeman. Teresa has known nothing but church since she was an infant. Her love for music was demonstrated early and it wasn't long before she began singing in the choir.

Teresa Graduated from Muskogee High, attended Connors Junior College, and later received a music scholarship from Northeastern University. She was unable to complete her college experience, however, because of her selfless decision to help care for a family member who was badly injured in an accident.

Since 1995, Teresa has lived in Tampa, Florida, where she has aggressively pursued a singing career. She is currently on a Southeastern Conference-wide tour in Florida and Georgia promoting her album, All the World Is Mine. Teresa has performed for President Clinton, sang with Carlton Burgess, made guest appearances on the Discovery Channel and People's TV, and was once nominated for gospel soloist of the year.

"My greatest desire is to sing all over the world telling people how much Christ loves them," Teresa says, "so that they can prepare for His soon coming."

Besides singing and writing inspirational songs, Teresa enjoys bowling, skating, traveling educational games, and eating spaghetti, various breads and popcorn. This warm-hearted young woman has a great concern for all people and a gift for music that connects with their hearts.

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