The Carnies

I was inspired to start my first gospel musical group after attending a Kings Heralds concert in the late 1960s, says Jeff Carnie, leader of the group. I was approximately seven years old. At the time, I didn't play a musical instrument and didn't know of anyone who did. I've had several groups since then. My present group, The Carnies, has been an active music ministry for approximately twenty years. Richard Riley and I, (Jeff) are the original members. My wife, Carole Carnie joined the group sixteen years ago, and Debra Griffin has been with the group for nine years." The Carnies have devoted their daily lives to growing spiritually in the Word of the Lord. They have a personal relationship with Him and willingly share it with others.

The group has completed four recording projects. All but the last project was done with the assistance of professional producers. Jeff felt convicted that the Lord wanted him to do this latest project from start to finish without collaboration of anyone outside the group. God quickly revealed to Jeff that He had a specific message that the album should convey. To ensure that the message did not have any other influence, the Lord impressed Jeff to trust and follow his own instincts concerning the selection and production of the material for the album. Thus, Caught Up was created.

Richard Riley, the pianist of the group is the only member that has formal music training. He is a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where he majored in classical music and minored in organ. The Carnies are actively involved in various communities. Carole regularly participates as a keynote speaker for the Crisis Pregnancy Centers, a Pro-Life organization. God has entrusted Carole with a powerful testimony that is a source of encouragement to those who find themselves contemplating abortion.

One of Jeff and Carole's favorite pastimes is gardening. They spend many hours together in their yard. The favorite vacation spot is Carmel, California.

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