Trent DeLong

As you listen to Trent Delong's ministry of music, you sense his deep, abiding commitment to the Lord. God has given him a gift and he uses it to God's glory. "Music possesses a power that nothing else has," says Trent. "When we lift Christ up in music, that music has the strength to touch and change lives."

Trent's love of music started early. At the tender age of three, his mom found him standing on the church platform, holding a microphone, singing "He's Alive." Apparently, Trent already felt the call to a music ministry. Born in Northwestern Ohio, Trent's childhood was a busy, happy one. Because his father was a minister, they moved often. To ease the disruption of these moves, Trent was home-schooled. He graduated from high school at age 16 and went on to study theology and music.

Musically gifted, Trent had the opportunity to start his vocal training with the leading vocal coach in Christian music, Christopher Beatty. Beatty has also worked with artists such as Steve Green, Twila Paris, Phillips, Craig and Dean, Dallas Holm, and many more.

Trent has had the opportunity to travel to more than 20 countries and nearly every state in the US. Speaking and singing at churches, conventions, youth rallies and schools, Trent has reached out to small groups and to as many as 10,000 at once. Trent's desire to use his gift for God's glory has given him many occasions to share his vibrant love for God with others.

As you listen to Trent's music, may you embrace Jesus as the only source of your faith and hope. Jesus will guide you over the mountains and through the valleys.

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