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This rousing table game will turn Bible learning into hours of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Contains 150 question cards, letter tiles, and all the "shekels" you'll need to win.
Bible Scramble is a rousing game that turns Bible trivia into hours of fun entertainment! Ideal for Friday evening and Sabbath afternoon, this game is the perfect way to get to know your Bible!

Deal each player five cards. Give the signal to begin and immediately flip over a card and read your first question. Then dig into the letter pile to spell out your answer. But hurry! Because while you’re racing to find the right letters, everyone else is scrambling to find theirs. Each card supplies a Bible text just in case memory fails. But that takes extra time! The object is to be the first to answer all five card questions correctly, with no misspellings. Bonuses and penalties paid with "shekels" add still more excitement to this mind-teasing game.

Match your wits and memory
against your opponents as you play this
fast-paced, lively word game.

Object: To be the first person to spell out the answers to your card questions with letter tiles, and to clean your opponents out of shekels. Ages: 10-Adult. Number of players: Any number of players from 2 to 20 may play but 4 to 8 is ideal. Equipment: 150 playing cards, shekels, pile of letters.

(Formerly titled Bible "Seek" Game.)

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