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Along with the narrative on the first page of each lesson you will find a teacher's devotional, references for the teacher, spiritual focus, italicized quotations, memory verse suggestions to go with the lesson, and suggested songs and where they are found. In the margins around the narrative there are lesson starters, discussion questions, stem sentences and optional classroom activities.

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Grade 1-4

On the first page of the lesson you will find:

  2. . The subtitle indicates the content of the lesson.
  4. . A text and a prayer make up this personal message for the teacher to read and enjoy. It serves to give the teacher an inspirational thought for the day.
  6. . References for the teacher are listed under the headings, Bible, EGW, and Other. The Bible text on which the lesson is based is listed here.
  8. . Included are quotations from Ellen White and other writers that will provide some background for the busy teacher who does not have time to find and read all the references.
  9. TITLE
  10. . The title and the subtitle are repeated hers.
  12. . For each of the Bible stories a Spiritual Focus has been identified. While it is not to be read to the students, it is intended that the teacher will emphasize this concept during the lesson presentation.
  14. . Many direct quotations from the Bible are included in the lessons. All direct quotations in the Narrative are italicized.
  16. Each lesson contains a suggested memory text. Teachers may choose to have students learn some or all of the texts given.
  17. MUSIC.
  18. The name of a suggested song or songs is listed for each lesson. The names of the books from which songs have been selected are listed.

Written in the wide margins around the narrative are

  1. Lesson Starters
  2. Discussion questions
  3. Sentence stems (to be completed by the student)
  4. Classroom activities.

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