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What is grace? It's getting better than you deserve. Maybe you really ought to be punished or rejected for something you did. But you aren't. The Guide has collected their all-time favorite stories involving people like you who were shown the mercy of God's grace.

Ever heard anyone grumble, “it’s not fair”?

Well, it’s a good thing that “it’s not fair” all the time! Let’s see, by now, you’ve probably evaded punishment for... calculating rapidly... say, 539 offenses. Among other things, your parents never should have forgiven you for breaking the kitchen window when you played golf in the backyard, your brother should have returned the favor when you punched him in the arm, and your best friend shouldn’t have helped you with your homework after the joke you told about her in class.

Yeah, grace is really great!

Now imagine how it must have felt to be forgiven after burning down a house or for your enemy to save you from certain death. Or to nearly chop your sister in half with an ax or to wreck your father’s Jeep, only to discover that he’s more worried about your hands than his Jeep. Or even to be a convict saved from the death penalty—because your brother volunteered to die for you.

Yeah, even though it’s not fair, grace is pretty awesome!

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