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Do you yearn for a more profound Bible study experience?  Do you long to hear fewer opinions and more of what the Bible actually says on topics?  The inVerse Journal has been developed with you in mind.

Do you yearn for a more profound Bible study experience?

Do you long to hear fewer opinions and more of what the Bible actually says on topics? 

The inVerse Journal has been developed with you in mind.

inVerse will engage you in Scripture deeply and broadly, ultimately enriching your ability to share your growing experience with others. Everything from the content to the format has been designed to enhance your spiritual journey.  

The Journal Edition of inVerse:

  • Allows you space to fill-in your personal study of the Bible utilizing digital space.
  • Capitalizes on the kinethestic value and intimate connection of journaling, handwriting, and Bible study.

With inVerse you will:

  • Deepen your identity as a Christ-centered, Bible-believing, and Advent-awaiting Christian
  • Learn how to study the Bible for yourself
  • Generate your own Bible studies for use in sharing
  • Teach others how to Bible study and Bible journal
  • Understand the Bible topics better since you will develop the material yourself
  • Participate in a more lively small group Bible discussion based on advance preparation
  • Stretch your faculties by engaging both the analog and the digital in your study
  • Know, love, and serve the Lord Jesus Christ more fully

Here’s a Sneak Peek at What You Can Expect:

 inTro—introduces the passage of the week as well as its main themes

inScribe—provides a prompt to write out the text

inGest—focuses on practical points, reflective principles, and contextual details

inTerpret—focuses on more apologetic perspectives and questions that might arise from the passage

inSpect—provides a list of verses outside the main passage to be cross-studied for deeper insight and clarity

inVite—centers the passage and its principles on bringing out and pointing to Jesus Christ

inSight—presents a perspective from the writings of Ellen White on the passage or theme

inQuire—introduces a list of questions to be answered reflectively or used as a resource for discussion (in a Sabbath School class or any other group)


A Quick Guide to Usage:

  1. Pray seriously and honestly!
  2. Read with a digital or analog Bible (it’s a Bible study guide—don’t skim over the Bible parts).
  3. Use your favorite writing utensil for the analog journal components.
  4. Use inVerse either for daily devotions (seven steps for seven days; 13 weeks for every three months) or for weekly Bible study, Sabbath School, prayer meetings, family worships, or discipleship on how to study the Bible.

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