Os chamados os escolhidos (Português)


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Deus sempre teve um povo -- um povo escolhido para mostrar ao mundo Quem realmente Ele é, para defender e proclamar a verdade.

Quem são eles?

São os verdadeiros e leais seguidores de Cristo em todas as épocas, aqueles cujo amor ao Senhor - e seu compromisso para com Ele - é tão forte e profundo que não pode ser abalado.

Deus sempre teve um povo -- um povo chamado a se separar do erro, do engano e da mentira.

Deus sempre teve um povo -- um povo escolhido para mostrar ao mundo Quem realmente Ele é, para defender e proclamar a verdade.

Deus ainda tem um povo. Na linhagem de servos fiéis que jamais foi interrompida desde Adão e Eva, ainda hoje existe um povo remanescente que foi chamado e escolhido. Ao Seu remanescente, foi confiada a urgente tarefa de levar as boas novas de salvação a todo o mundo e assim, quando Cristo voltar, muitos possam estar preparados para encontrá-Lo.

 The Called The Chosen (Portuguese)

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Who are they?

They are God's true and loyal followers in every age whose love for Him--whose commitment to Him--is too strong and deep to be shaken.

God has always had a people--a people called to stand separate from error and compromise and lies and counterfeits.

God has always had a people--a people chosen to show and tell the world what He is really like--to defend and proclaim His truth.

And God still has a people. Standing in that long, unbroken line of the faithful that began with Adam and Even, God has a called and chosen remnant today. And to His remnant people, God has given the urgent task of reaching out to the world with His good news--of winning them to Jesus Christ so that when He returns soon to this earth, they will know Him and be ready to meet him.

Who is called? Who is chosen? You are!

The purpose of this book is encouragement for Seventh-day Adventists. As God's faithful people struggle through difficult times it helps to look back on the way He has led in the past. When we see His faithfulness and recognize over and over again that He is in complete control over the affairs of planet earth, we marvel and feel greater confidence as we look to the future.

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