Psychic Roulette


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Psychic Roulette offers us a glimpse into the world of the occult. Who are the unseen players in our psychic games? Just how thin is psychic ice? All this and much more is revealed in this must-read book. 

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A Startling Look at the World of the Occult

Who are the unseen players in our psychic game? Just how thin is psychic ice? Are we gambling with the operator of a giant psychic put-on? And is it dangerous? Did Arthur Ford really come through from a world beyond on a best-selling typewriter? Who haunted Bishop Pike? Why do some crystal-ball predictions score and others miss? Are you aware of the price you pay for psychic healing? What are UFOs really up to now? All this and much more. Ignore it at your own risk! 

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Item Format Paperback
Page Count 154
Language English
Year Published 2013
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