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Jesus 101 Series

Paperback books - English
Matthew – Prophecy Fulfilled
Mark - Good News
Luke – Salvation for All
John - God Became Flesh

Paperback books - Spanish
Mateo - la profecia cumplida
Marcos - !Buenas nuevas!
Lucas - Salvacion para todos
Juan - Dios se hizo carne

DVDs - English
The Four Gospels
Gospel of Matthew
Gospel of Luke
Gospel of Luke 2
Gospel of John

DVDs - Spanish
Cántico Nuevo Disco 1 - S. Lucas
Cántico Nuevo Disco 2 - S. Mateo
Cántico Nuevo Disco 3 - S. Juan

Redemption History

Redemption History DVD #1
Redemption History DVD #2
Redemption History DVD #3


Surprised by Love Bible Study Guides

By Elizabeth Talbot

This ten week bible study series for women covers God's surprising plan, beauty, promise, kinship, faithfulness, rescue, grace, assurance, reunion, and restoration.

These lessons are designed to be especially effective when used in conjunction with a small group. No matter how you use them, you will be blessed beyond measure.

Study Guide (student)

The 96 page study guide features ten chapters. Each chapter follows the outline of reading the word, seeking through study, integrating the message, drawing my story, learning from life, considering the narrative, understanding the scriptures, responding in gratitude, and God's surprising plan.

Paperback workbooks

$9.99 each
As low as $8.99 in packs of 5
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English   Spanish


The two volume DVD set contains 10 video presentations. The video presentations are designed to be used most effectively with the Study Guide, either in small group or individual Bible studies.

Set of 2 DVDs

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English   Spanish

Leader's Kit

In addition to the Study Guide and two volume DVD set, the Leaders's Kit also includes a leader's guide. The leader's guide offers success tips for small groups leaders with supplementary materials for each lesson.

1 Leader's Guide (not sold separately)
1 Study Guide (student)
1 DVD set


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Surprised by Love, the book

You may also enjoy reading Elizabeth Talbot's book, Surprised by Love.

The story of our Creator-Redeemer and the greatest “love surprise” of all time. It surprised Adam and Eve. It surprised the deceitful serpent. It surprised the adulterous woman of John 8. It surprised the Pharisees. It surprised the disciples. It even surprised the heavenly angels. And it continues to surprise us today.

“The deceiver thought that he had outsmarted God! He never expected that love would win. Perhaps, humans themselves thought that they were beyond redemption! But, ‘where sin increased, grace abounded all the more’ (Romans 5:20) Maybe you’ve heard the story before.

Maybe this is your first time. Either way, when you behold the unexpected rescue of God’s children, you will be amazed at His love – at His passion for His children, and you will be surprised by love.

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