True Believer


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He was just converted from being a die-hard Communist to an enthusiastic follower of Christ! This is the fascinating story of how Alexander Bolotnikov came to be a Seventh-day Adventist currently translating the Bible into his native language.

From Communism to Adventism

When Lenin told the Jews, "Forsake your God and I will set you free," Alexander Bolotnikov’s family complied. But the system they sacrificed everything to join denied them access. Alexander keenly felt the sting of betrayal. He had idolized Lenin. Believed the government’s promises. And loved the Communist Party with all his heart.

Disillusioned, he turned to Judaism. There he found meaning. Belonging. And an ever-deepening suspicion that Christ, not Communism, was his real enemy. It would take an intriguing turn of events for him to become a true believer in the One who deserved his loyalty.

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Item Format Paperback
Page Count 176
Language English
Year Published 08/09/2001
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