As Light Lingers: Basking in the Word of God


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Whether you are a teenager or a professional, dating or married, or if you are a tired parent, you will find encouragement, advice, and practical strategies in this book.

Jesus waits patiently for us to meet with Him, to seek Him in His Word. The Bible is living, powerful, and alive! It can speak to our hearts and soul and our needs today. And the devil uses every possible device to keep us away from reading the Bible, whether through apathy, busyness, doubt, or tiredness. Keeping our Bibles closed is his number one strategy to weaken the lives of Christians today.

Whether you are a teenager or a professional, dating or married, or if you are a tired parent, you will find encouragement, advice, and practical strategies in this book. In it, you will discover how basking in the power of God’s Word will make you want to linger with God—because time with Him is so sweet.


This book not only gave me tools to understand the Bible better but also inspired me to read it more. It has been such a blessing to me that I am planning to use it in my classes on spiritual growth.

- S. Joseph Kidder, Professor of Christian Ministry and Biblical Spirituality, Andrews University

Nina’s strategic plan may be new to you—but if you implement it, you’ll never be the same again. That’s the Author’s promise.

- Dwight K. Nelson, Senior Pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church, Andrews University

Nina Atcheson has developed a meaningful approach to allowing the Word of God to become real on a daily basis. The General Conference Ministerial Association is nurturing the reading of this important work. You will be benefited by this personal approach to obtaining God’s blessing through the reading of His Word.

- Ted N. C. Wilson, President, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

You will not only be challenged by the message in this book and inspired by Nina’s testimonies but also walk away equipped with many practical methods and helps for your life. I believe this book is a “must read” for every man, woman, young adult, and even every child who desires to know Jesus personally through improving their life-changing, living experience—by immersing themselves in God’s Word.

- Jerry Page, Ministerial Secretary, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

As Light Lingers is deeply moving as well as practical and is sure to revive your Bible study time! Nina Atcheson has obviously been gifted by the Holy Spirit in her writing of this beautiful book. I used my highlighter often while reading and was convicted afresh of my own need for a much deeper experience in God’s Word. I look forward to sharing this resource widely!

 - Melody Mason, Author, Daring to Ask for More

Nina Atcheson, a mother and educator, has written an inspiring book on studying the Bible. Those who may have neglected reading Scripture for various reasons will appreciate the practical suggestions for finding joy in the text, suggestions that Atcheson has personally and successfully tried. Her writing is accessible and full of warmth, making one want to pick up the holy pages once again and read! Parents raising children will be especially encouraged. This is a highly readable and meaningful book.

- Jo Ann Davidson, Professor of Systematic Theology, Andrews University

Nina Atcheson’s book reminds me again and again that the key to spiritual growth and power is in spending time with God in His Word. We know, “Eternal life is to know God,” and that doesn’t happen without quality time spent with Him. This book underlines the importance of studying the Word prayerfully, inviting and allowing the Spirit to change you and use you according to God’s will. It is filled with many profound spiritual lessons and also practical, specific advice on how to study it and implement it. I believe all pastors, leaders, and lay members will be blessed by reading it.

- Pavel Goia, Editor, Ministry Magazine

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