Dona Klein

I was the last of five children-born into an Adventist Christian (musical) home. It seems like I began playing the organ as soon as I was born. A friend of my father's owed him money and asked if he could pay the debt with either a television set or a church organ. (Yes, there was electricity and TV back then.) Dad chose the organ, and so began my life of music.

As early as I can remember, I would go to sleep at night listening to my parents play and sing all those old songs and hymns that have become so much a part of my life today.

Although, I have been many places and have played for many events, Evangelism has been, and always will be my first "love". I played for my first evangelistic meeting when I was twelve years old and have played for hundreds since.

When I was very young, I promised the Lord I would give back to Him the musical talent He gave me, if He would just use me for His glory in His service. I know He has heard my prayer each time I see people accept Jesus in these meetings I continue to play for.

I am currently employed by the Voice of Prophecy and travel with Evangelist Kenneth Cox. I am away from home ten to eleven months out of the year conducting evangelistic seminars throughout the United States, and upon request, foreign countries around the world. If this was not the Lord's work, I would be home enjoying my kids, Mike and Karla, who are now grown, married and each have a babe of their own. (Jacqui and Austin, the "joys" of my life!)

But, as long as the Lord keeps me 'clothed and in my right mind', I shall keep on playing right into the Kingdom, as the Saints go marching in!

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