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Keith Knoche gave us Knoche's Law—If something can go wrong, it will, but there's a lesson in it somewhere. This book encourages the reader to think of their life experiences and understand that by facing and mastering life's problems, we mature and grow. It is in those moments of difficulty and despair, that one reaches out to God.   

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This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage Project, a plan to re-publish classic books from our historical archives and to make valuable books available once more. The content of this book is presented as it was originally published and should be read with its original publication date in mind.

Moses and Hammurabi gave us Moral Laws. Michelangelo and Rembrandt gave us the Laws of Aesthetics. Buddha and Confucius gave us the Laws of Karma. Keith Knoche gave us Knoche’s Law--If something can go wrong, it will, but there’s a lesson in it somewhere.

Think of your life experiences. By facing and mastering life’s problems, we mature and grow. For in those moments of difficulty and despair, you reach out to God.

After Knoche’s Law was published, an avalanche of principles, theorems and corollaries besieged Keith Knoche to bring us Beyond Knoche’s Law.

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Item Format Paperback
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Page Count 86
Language English
Year Published 2013
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